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I attend this really cool workshop this week. It’s on our new initiative which delivers the innovation needed to provide scalable ways to solve major issues faced by clients. The implementation teams can get significant advantage in terms of amount of time and effort it takes to build the deliverable quickly and efficiently. The adoption routes provided by a set of tools which are part of the framework help the field facing teams to take the client at the “to-be” destination safely. One of the great features of the offering is the way in which it consolidates the different permutations of the supported platforms for a particular clients need and generates the setup documents for those in a short time frame.
Although I wasn’t interested in this training, because of my very dynamic On Bench status, I attended this workshop (Not that I had a choice). First half day was quite boring where most of the talking was done. But the remaining part of the workshop was something which really exceeded my expectation. There are a set of new tools which you will have to learn to get started with. The framework helps you in generating a number of deliverable in the form of info centers, product adviser, deployment topologies for the given context, logical and relationship diagrams. The whole process takes very less time but the advantages these generated artifacts give is enormous. Just imagine, instead of walking with 5 product deployment guides for a new customer, we will give him one guide which is customized to convey exactly what he needs out of all those different products. This new guide helps him do the setup as per his requirement without missing or overdoing a single thing.

Thanks to presenters. They hit every range of perfection. And even the tool development team has done a lot of work and I see this initiative going a long way in getting established as a smart way we do out business.


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Demeaning bosses, lying colleagues, got poked from your back ? Don’t take this too hard. Try to work around them and do what you can do to minimize the pain and effort they cause. I hate when stuff like this happens, not just because it sucks on its own, but because I am too sensitive to these and it hurts me a lot.

With what happened to me few times now, I learnt one thing. Never to blame myself. As long as I stay honest and do my best, I am done with my part. I gaze at the software I write for hours, at least as long as I can feel proud about it. I take breaks to go far… far from this shitty workplace. Far enough from those screwy bastards who try to break my confidence. And when I comeback I come back strong. The one with lot of dreams, lot of ambitions and the one hell bent on achieving what he dream about.

Here’s how my brain works: Oh my God some bastard ruined my work. But this won’t affect me a bit. I still get stronger.. stronger then ever before. Thank you Mr. Asshole for cheating on me. You deserve a hug from me, for getting me more closer to my dreams.

Note : First thing, try not to let some asshole ruin your state of mind. Easier said than done, I know. But, if he does ruin… do not forget to thank him.

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