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I am happy that finally I am able to do what I dreamt of doing from nearly a year now, bicycling. As soon as we got our new bikes home today, Sonia and I couldn’t wait for taking them out for a ride. We reached Blendon Woods in the evening for our rides. And as soon as we started getting used to our new toys, the rain played the spoilt sport. But all for good as they say, the post rain weather was just about the best possible for some real fun time with our bikes.

Something we learnt (Or forced to learn) earlier this morning. It’s not practical to think you can fit in your new bike in a midsize sedans trunk. 2 bikes, No way!! So what we ended up doing? Some last minute running around to get a bicycle rack for the car. Thankfully we did get one which was exactly what we were looking for in a Target store across the street. After juggling a bit in the Wal-Mart parking lot, we were able to fix the rack and mount our bikes. We hoped (& prayed) it wouldn’t break till we reach home. I think it’s just a first time thing because of the way the rack is designed. You feel it might just fly off with your bikes when you speed up or jump on a small pothole. But in reality it pretty much serves the intended purpose.

You have no idea how excited I am about cycling. I started blogging nearly after 2 years and that should give some hints. Hoping this excitement remains for entire summer. Going to bed now with some big plans for tomorrow. See you.


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