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Demeaning bosses, lying colleagues, got poked from your back ? Don’t take this too hard. Try to work around them and do what you can do to minimize the pain and effort they cause. I hate when stuff like this happens, not just because it sucks on its own, but because I am too sensitive to these and it hurts me a lot.

With what happened to me few times now, I learnt one thing. Never to blame myself. As long as I stay honest and do my best, I am done with my part. I gaze at the software I write for hours, at least as long as I can feel proud about it. I take breaks to go far… far from this shitty workplace. Far enough from those screwy bastards who try to break my confidence. And when I comeback I come back strong. The one with lot of dreams, lot of ambitions and the one hell bent on achieving what he dream about.

Here’s how my brain works: Oh my God some bastard ruined my work. But this won’t affect me a bit. I still get stronger.. stronger then ever before. Thank you Mr. Asshole for cheating on me. You deserve a hug from me, for getting me more closer to my dreams.

Note : First thing, try not to let some asshole ruin your state of mind. Easier said than done, I know. But, if he does ruin… do not forget to thank him.


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